T.A.G. Labs Website

T.A.G. Labs is a DC based non-profit that teaches kids how to develop video games. Our role was to create a solution to help market the organization, manage programs and showcase projects.

Case Study


T.A.G. Labs needed a site to showcase their work to parents, teachers, administrators and students. As a non-profit fundraising is extremely important so there was a need to quickly showcase what T.A.G. does and provide a way for interested parties to connect with the organization. In addition to information about current programming, there was a need for a learning management system to manage programs and curriculum.


To achieve this we chose to go with Wordpress to fulfill the organization's needs. We developed a custom theme to give T.A.G. a unique look and experience for visitors to learn about the organization's awesome work. 

Lastly, we integrated a learning management system into the Wordpress instance that allowed for instructors to refer and share lessons to students on the ground. T.A.G. deploys instructors to various schools and organizations in the DC area so providing a learning management platform that's accessible in the cloud allowed for students and instructors to stay synced.