DC Gaming Group

DC Gaming Group website is used to keep the community up to date on DC Gaming group Activities.

Case Study


DC Gaming Group (DCGG) needed a simple website to display upcoming events, a way for visitors to join the community, and sharing of custom content. 


DCGG was an opportunity to use a modern approach to using Content Management Systems (Drupal) and a frontend framework such as GatsbyJS. This approach is called a Decoupled CMS, which basically means you store all of your content in a Content Management System like you normally would but you make that information available via an API. This allows the frontend of the site to be separate from the theme layer of the Content Management System. 

For the DCGG frontend we used a framework called GatsbyJS. Gatsby injests data from any source and compiles that into a static site. Static sites are extremely fast compared to a typical dynamic application. Dynamic applications have to be rendered on the fly and depends on the speed of your backend infrastructure to be able to handle the rendering process. A static site is simply loaded in the browser with no additional dependencies. This is great for visitors of the site because they can quickly look up DCGG and learn about the organization whether on great connections or spotty connections. 

Overall this solution provides a ton of flexibility for the future as CMS and backend technology changes, the framework we've built for the frontend allows it to be agnostic to those inevitable updates.